If you have kids, divorce may be particularly challenging for multiple reasons. Whether you are the one who wants to leave a toxic marriage, or your spouse is filing for divorce even though you would rather keep the family together, every divorce is different and various legal matters may need to be addressed. Those which involve children, however, can be especially worrisome from an emotional point of view. In San Diego, and cities across all of California, it is pivotal for parents to carefully approach child custody, especially if they anticipate that a bitter dispute could arise.

There are a number of ways in which you can prepare yourself for a dispute over custody. First, it can be helpful to speak with your child’s other parent about their feelings and opinions, although this is not advisable in every instance. Sometimes, communication is impossible and trying to reach out to a former partner may even make things worse. You should have a clear understanding of your goals, legal options that could be open to you and some of the different factors that might affect how custody is awarded.

Courts go over many different topics when trying to figure out which outcomes are in the best interests of children, and by recognizing these issues you may be able to position yourself for a more favorable end result. Your relationship with your child is likely extremely important to you, and you should do everything you can to pursue a custody decision that is in their best interests, whether you are pursuing sole custody or joint custody.