When a couple has been married for many years and has successfully raised a family together, it may be baffling why they are suddenly filing for divorce in California. It appears as though they have shared many happy memories together and have a strong relationship after having been married for a notable time period, but now, they are facing an uncertain future without the reliability and companionship of each other.

Grey divorce is more common than many people realize and brings with it a unique set of challenges that younger couples may not encounter in a separation. According to the Institute for Family Studies, in a group of couples that were surveyed, it was found that many of them had been married for over 30 years before filing for divorce. In fact, 34 percent of the group had been married for at least that length of time before getting divorced.

Metro.us suggested that there are many risks that could be potential triggers for a grey divorce including the following:

  • When a couple has raised their children and become empty-nesters, they may discover that spending considerable time with each other does not make them happy.
  • Reservations that a couple may have had earlier on in their relationship may all of a sudden seem more prevalent as they near retirement and have less to do to distract them from their concerns.
  • When one or both partners begin to find ways to entertain themselves that require them to be gone frequently, leaving the other spouse alone.

A grey divorce can be complicated on a person’s financial situation, especially with retirement needs becoming more important with age.