Divorce can affect virtually any couple in San Diego, including older couples who’ve been together for many years. Unfortunately, when older couples divorce it can lead to a lot of hurtful speculation and rumors, which only makes the process far more difficult for all involved. Psychology Today offers the following facts on grey divorce to increase understanding of this sensitive topic.

Much like in other divorces, finances can be a motivating factor for older couples looking to separate. However, aging couples with more assets are less likely to divorce in their golden years. In fact, one study showed that grey divorces most often affected couples who were unemployed as opposed to those who experienced moderate financial wealth. Another factor in grey divorce is a person’s past marital history.

A person who’s been married in the past and has had marriages that only lasted a short time is more likely to divorce in the future. When it comes to people over 50, people in subsequent marriages are 2.5 times more likely to go through a divorce than people who are in their first marriage. Additionally, grey divorce rates have continued to rise since 1990. Over the course of a decade, the divorce rate for older couples jumped from 5 out of 1,000 marriages to 10 out of 1,000 marriages.

Sadly, many grey divorces were in the making for years before they actually took place. Some couples may have married out of obligation, as this was common in the past. With other couples, there may have been lingering resentment or ill-will that was never appropriately addressed. In either case, couples that stay together for child-rearing purposes often find themselves at odds once kids become adults.