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As Certified Family Law Specialists, we know from deep experience that the steps to be taken and the problems to be solved to resolve each family law case are different. It is our guiding principle that every case deserves a careful review of the options before developing the best method for resolution.

Alternatives for dispute resolution for divorce, custody, or support cases range from negotiated solutions, to mediation, to the collaborative process, and litigation, whether settled in court or out of court. Hybrid solutions (crossing into multiple methods) are also possible. With broad experience in the full spectrum of family law solutions, we are committed to providing the most effective representation we can for our clients.

We invite you to call our office and explore possible solutions to your needs in family law. If outside of business hours, we invite you to use our contact form to open communications.



Court, or no court. Mediated Divorce, Negotiated Divorce, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce Litigation, Call to discuss the Options. Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Family Law Attorneys.
A skilled mediation attorney brings problem solving skills to the table, saving you
time, money and stress. You should understand and consider this important option. Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Mediation Attorneys.
Michele Lowenstein is a Certified Specialist in Collaborative Divorce, A highly productive team effort to negotiate and resolve issues in a complex divorce. Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Collaborative Divorce Attorneys.
There may be good reasons for litigating your divorce, whether ultimately settled in court, or out of court. When it comes to litigation, Our Experience Counts! Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Divorce Litigation Attorneys.
Every divorce is different, and therefore every solution should be different. We work with you to devise the right solution. Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Divorce Lawyers.
Child custody orders often need modification as a child grows. Check our extensive video library on this topic  We have been advocates for children in divorce since 1981. Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Child Custoday Attorneys.
Things change, including the ability or willingness to pay child support. California law provides many remedies. You should know the law and, know your options. Call us! Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Child Support Attorneys.
Couples over the age of 50 account for 1 in 4 divorces. Large or long-held assets can be difficult to divide. We solve problems and build solutions that work! Lowenstein Brown, San Diego Family Law Lawyers.

Lowenstein Brown, Attorneys at Law, representing family law clients,
and advocates for children in divorce since 1981.

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